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Image Management Defined 

im·age (i-mij) to picture in the mind; imagine; mental representation; idea; conception; form; appearance; semblance; symbolize; typify; opinion by the public; vivid description; mirror or reflect.

man·age·ment (mnj-mnt) 4. To succeed in accomplishing or achieving, especially with difficulty; contrivance or arrangement.

Professional Development Sessions & Programming

Defining You Image Management Services provides a myriad of workshops, seminars and programs on image, style, personal branding, leadership development and career enhancement. Our seminars, workshops and customized programs are educational, interactive and motivate your group to live a purpose filled lifestyle!

  • G.E.M.S ( Girls Empowered to Manifest Success) ™
  • Beauty Beyond Bars ™
  • P.H.I.E.R.C.E Movement For Women
  • ( Phenomenal.Intelligent. Educated. Resilient. Courageous. Exquisite) ™
  • High Heels in Higher Places

Personal Brand Enhancement 

Major Companies hire brand strategists, marketing consultants and research professionals to help them build, maintain and monitor their brand image. Personal branding hinges upon establishing a reputation for yourself, showcasing what differentiates you from others and conveying the unique value you bring to a situation. We will sit down with you and provide a complete personal assessment including the tools, strategies and the confidence building tips to strengthen the efficacy of your brand.

Special Events /Conference Coordination & Planning

Defining You Image Management Services will organize all aspects of an event; act as a liaison between the client and vendors; perform the tasks of negotiating pricing, pre-selecting options to present to the client and maintaining budgets for the event. We have developed and managed successful events for non profit organizations, colleges, faith based organizations and elected government officials.

Public Relations /Publicity

Defining You Image Management Services will prepare press releases, media packages, arrange and conduct programs to maintain contact between clients and the public.

Motivational Speakers

Defining You Image Management Services speakers come from all walks of life. Their personal and REAL stories are relevant and impactful to people in every stage of their lives. Our speakers are engaging, charismatic and resourceful. We have spoken at churches, prisons, college affairs and company in-services.

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